Josh Freed

Minkowitz Pathology

A pathology practice in Brooklyn, NY. I built an iPad application for patient check-in forms and exam room information as well as a web application that serves as a dashboard for employees to manage daily encounters.

  • Patients use an iPad to fill out check-in forms in the waiting room
  • Captures patient signatures
  • Physicians and assistants record patient medical history on an iPad in the exam room
  • Physicians use an iPad pro to draw diagrams and notes on encounter worksheets
  • The front desk tracks patient status on the web application dashboard
  • Generate PDFs of packets and worksheets created on an iPad
  • Back office uploads the final copy of PDFs into external systems
  • Integrates with their existing electronic health record software to gather patient info
  • Generate HIE consent forms for submission to NYU
  • HIPAA Compliant